LED Christmas Lights and Decorations



LED Christmas Lights

Energy saving, durable and long lasting. Shop from a variety of styles and colors. Conicals, M5, C6, C7, C9, Icicle & more.

Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Christmas light bulbs for both LED and Incandescent lights. Non-dimmable, dimmable, color change and twinkle bulbs.

Empty Socket Light Line

Empty light lines for C7 and C9 bulbs. Bulk spools or by the foot available. Build custom Light Lines or buy fixed lengths.

Incandescent Christmas Lights

Full selection of Incandescent Christmas Lights, including C7, C9 Bulbs and Mini Lights. Many colors to choose from.

Commercial Christmas Trees

The perfect  tree for shopping centers, churches, Municipalities. Large selection. Sizes from 14’ to 100’ in height!

Christmas Wreaths

Shop our large selection of Christmas wreaths. Non-decorated and decorated, lit and unlit. Multiple styles and sizes.


Large selection of garland. Decorated and non-decorated, lit and unlit. Available in many colors and sizes.


Vast selection of decorative Christmas bows. Great for wreaths or by themselves. Indoor or outdoor use.


Ornaments to match your style. Glitter, shiny or matte finishes. Many sizes and colors. Durable shatterproof. 

Clips, Hardware & Electrical Supplies

Clips, roof line, gutters and fences and more. All hardware for your installation needs. Timers, zip cords and plugs.

Pole Mounted Decorations

Perfect for shopping centers, main streets and more. Variety of designs to choose from: Santa & friends, Traditional, Classical, Wreaths and more.

Snowflake Decorations

Perfect addition to your commercial display. Shop snowflake decorations, available in multiple designs and sizes. Choose from LED or Incandescent.

Religious Displays

Religious displays representing many faiths. Shop symbolic life-like displays including nativity scenes.


Light Pole Banners for different occasions and seasons. Custom and personalized. Enhancers, hardware and attachment tools.

Spiral Products

Spiral products for commercial displays. Includes trees and fantasy figures. Santa, toy soldiers and snowmen.

Patriotic Displays

Show your support with these Patriotic displays. Multiple designs and sizes. Lady Liberty, USA Flag and so much more.

Sign Enhancers

Transform an ordinary sign into an attention-getting holiday attraction. Perfect for businesses, HOA’s, cities and more.


Make this season special with Silhouette figures. Shop out huge selection. Santas, trains, animals and Victorian figures.


Go big with your brilliantly lit display. Large selection of holiday themed messages and images. Skylines up to 52’ in length!


Turn heads in your direction with a towering holiday arch. Many styles and sizes available. Great for entrance ways!

Building Front Decorations

Business owners celebrate the holidays with a festive Building front decoration. Many sizes and designs to choose from.

Christmas Light Hanging Installation Business

Starting a Christmas Light Installation Business

Looking to start your own professional Christmas lighting and decorating installation business? Take a look at our complete business book that will help get you started.